High Tech Buyers and Sellers need a High Tech Realtor

High Tech Buyers and Sellers need a High Tech Realtor 

More than 90% of today’s home buyers and sellers begin their shopping for a home or a Realtor® on their computers.  Realtors® must therefore embrace the technologies available to us to best serve our clients.  

Clients and customers have hundreds of websites available today to search for real estate on-line. If a seller chooses to search for the home that they have listed for sale with a Realtor® on any website and can’t find it... well, you can figure out how that may cause some friction in their relationship.  There are many tools at our disposal to expose our listings to the buying customers and to stay connected with our clients including email, texting, blogging, facebook, twitter and other social media.  We cannot afford to fall behind advances in technology.

Blackberry, iPhone, Droid and other smart phone technologies not only keep us available to our clients but also offer us the capability to access maps, MLS data, mortgage calculators and synchronize to our computers to basically have a mobile office with you at all times.  Most of today’s consumers are taking advantage of these technological advances and they should demand that Realtors® as professionals are utilizing them too. 

Listings need to be found on every website!   ListHub® is the broadest, most widely adopted network for listing distribution, and works in concert with MLSs, franchises, and core real estate technologies to bring real estate brokerages a single dashboard for controlling our online marketing strategy.  It allows us to simultaneously export our listings to more than 350 websites with consistent data instantaneously.  

LeadRouter® is another cutting edge technology that is integrated with our website and mobile devices so that when a consumer is looking on-line at one of our listings and clicks to request more information, two things happen.  One, a computerized call is instantly generated to our mobile device to alert us that someone is requesting information on one of our listings.  It sends us the contact information of the customer and the information about what property they have clicked on.  Many times we can contact them and catch them while they are still viewing our listing that they inquired about.  Secondly, the same message with more detail is sent to our email so that if we don’t make contact from the phone call we can make a follow up call later.  The era of sending an on-line request for information and waiting for a few days for a response is long gone.  Consumers expect a response within a few hours at maximum these days and if they don’t get it from you, they will likely move on to find the answer from another source.

Flip Video® and visual tours are common to show more than just photos of listings and to give customers the feel of the properties we are marketing.  We should provide a narrative about the features of a home that we or the sellers feel are selling points for the property through video and audio that is compatible with most MLS’s, YouTube and FaceBook.  Social Media has grown in popularity and numbers never before witnessed.  We can take advantage of this medium to further expose our listed properties. 

Taking advantage and keeping up with all of the available technology comes with a cost in both money and time.  Realtors® however, must invest in our businesses to be able offer our clients a high level of service and value.  A full service Realtor® must be technologically competent to expose your property in every way available to them.  When it is time for you to interview a realtor, be sure to ask them about the technology that they can bring to the table to market your property effectively.   You will be glad you did! 

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